Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile-dysfunction:

Erectile Dysfunction“ED” or erectile dysfunction is a sexual impotent disorder in men. This is a problem that embarrasses many men, as they try everything (alcohol and pills) to fix it quickly. However, the main problem for penile impotency is within their bodies. Low male hormone levels is often the main culprit for this issue.

Yes, there are other causes that will not let the male penis, stand up and salute. This can include various medical problems like heart disease, Type 1 diabetes, or high blood pressure. Also, substance abuse, aging, stress, injuries, obesity, surgery, or certain medications.

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ED symptoms naturally includes a non-erection, but other common symptoms include:

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• early ejaculation
• incomplete erection
• an erection takes longer than normal
• morning erections are weak or not at all.

What Is Impotency In Men:

Erectile dysfunction affects about 30 million U.S. men; affects around 12% of men younger than age 60; affects around 22% of men aged 60 to 69; and affects 30% of men aged 70 or older. Impotence is an important medical health problem, because men can suffer from depression, the inability to get pregnant and a strained relationship.\

Impotence is basically a vascular disease. When a man becomes aroused, his brain is sending chemical messages (“neurotransmitters”) to the nerve endings in his penis. Neurotransmitters are released and another chemical (“cyclic guanosinemonophosphate – cGMP”) is formed in the penis. ( Note: )

The cGMP makes the penile arteries to open up or dilate, causing more blood to flow into the penis. This blood increase swells the penis to an erection. For a non-erect state, the cGMP decreases and the blood low to the penis returns to its non-erect state.


ED treatments and innovations are in the pipeline of research. At the top of the medical treatment are brand names known as Viagara, Cialis, and more. These drugs are designed to be nearly free from any side effects, except an erect penile result. Depending on a man’s cause for impotency, there are other treatments that are proving helpful.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is proving to be a benefit and goes a long way to improve impotency. A specific surgery to improve blood flow is helpful in many men. The old fashion penile pump is still an effective erection device for some men. Penile injection therapy is yet another treatment that is based on prostaglandin.

Organic herbs have shown some improvement in impotency. These herbs include the aptly named ‘horny goat weed’ or Epimedium which is a Chinese inspired herb that addresses pain, fatigue and ED. Yohimbe is an over the counter herb that has centuries of natural impotency usage. When non-erection problems were more associated with stress, then this plant’s extracts were pretty successful.

Testing and research are proving very helpful in the study of ED. In the field of gene therapy for erection problems, researchers have animal success in increasing the body’s gene for nitric oxide levels and in treating damaged nerves. Advanced PDE-5 inhibitors are promising medications because they effect the brain’s chemicals that will help men achieve erections. Topical medications for both men and women are being tested. They are designed to improve impotency through better blood flow.